Document Analysis

Describes how Philter analyzes documents prior to redacting information.
Philter analyzes received documents prior to redacting the document. This analysis is done to help Philter get a better understanding of the document. The results of the analysis are used to exclude certain document types from redaction and to improve Philter's redaction performance.
While not recommended, the automatic document analysis can be disabled in a filter profile. (By default the document analysis is enabled.)
Disabling document analysis will cause any filter profile features dependent on the results of the document analysis to not function.
An example filter profile with disabled document analysis is shown below.
"name": "email-and-phone-numbers",
"config": {
"analysis": {
"enabled": false
"identifiers": {
"emailAddress": {
"emailAddressFilterStrategies": [
"strategy": "REDACT",
"redactionFormat": "{{{REDACTED-%t}}}"